Fall 2014
Google in Education

This class was a great experience! It allowed me to gain experience in a lot of the Google Apps for Education. I really believe that this course has given me a outlook for using Google in the Classroom. I was able to apply this class immediately in my current position as a teacher because our school had just fully converted to Google for email and document storage. 

Below are some training videos that I created to help make the transition to Google less stressful for staff. Change can be a hard thing for some people and I wanted to create a way to make the assignments educational for our staff.


Educational Research

In this class, I was presented with a new concept of research and the process of steps used to collect and analyze information to increase the understanding of a topic or issue. Throughout this course we studied two approaches to research: quantitative and qualitative.

Below you will find my final project based on an Educational Research Problem.

Adult Learning Theory and Practice

This course was an independent study and research based on the concepts and theories of Adult Learning. 

Below you will find a copy of my research paper and final class presentation video.