Spring 2014
Instructional Design and Assessment

In this course I learned about and gained experience in investigating, designing, and peer reviewing research-based instructional units. The foundation of this course was built on the concept of Understanding by Design. Understanding by Design emphasizes the idea of "backward design" by looking at the learner outcomes and then developing the units, assessments and lessons
The following artifact is my Stage 1 design of a classroom lesson.

Developing Web-based Instruction

This was my first creation of a technology training online class. I choose to use the Google format because I didn't have any prior coding or web-design background, but I was familiar with using Google. Here are a few screen shots of the webpage.


Instructional Message Design

Instructional Message Design presented an overview of educational and corporate instructional message design methodologies and skills. The course was designed to allow students with no previous experience as well as those with experience to learn basic message design skills and create different types of multimedia instructional materials.

A major component was to create projects that promote digital literacy in the classroom. Here are a few of my samples.