Summer 2014
Organizational Leadership

Leadership is complex. Leadership is a continual process. Leadership is a way of life. Leadership can be described as a trait, as a behavior, a characteristic, an action or even a way to influence others. Leadership has multiple dimensions, however, for the course I worked from four components that are central to leadership. They are:

1) Leadership is a process,
2) Leadership involves influence,
3) Leadership occurs in groups, and
4) Leadership involves common goals.

Below you will find my Organizational Leadership Assessment that demonstrates my ability to identify and make suggestions to produce a more successful entity based on quality leadership theories and skills.

Utilization of Technology in Classrooms

This course provides an in-depth examination of current technologies designed to enhance classroom instruction. This course was created for graduate candidates interested in learning how to better utilize current technologies in the classroom.

Below are a couple of screenshots from a Professional Development website that I created and hoped to utilize to help promote technology use in the classroom.
I also included a video that I created using Google Slides to help explain critical thinking.